Thursday, September 20, 2012


PORKIES!!  That is my obsession yesterday and today.  For some reason yesterday afternoon I was dying for a porky dog.  You know how sometimes you crave something so bad you can almost taste it?  Your mouth is actually watering for it?  Well..., that's how bad it was.  I couldn't get the crispy bun and the sauce with the extra mustard and onion out of my head.  In fact, I drove thirty minutes (more like an hour, if you add in traffic on the 205) out of the way to get a coney dog.

Incidentally, if you actually go to Coney Island expecting a foot long dog with special sauce, be prepared to be disappointed, because they will have absolutely no idea what in the world you are talking about.  Coney dogs are nothing but Nathan's hot dogs with canned chili.  But Porkies..., well..., see for yourself:


MAN are they ever incredible too!  Just look at the gooey goodness bursting with spicy flavor.  It was funny, because I very seldom crave fast food, but the craving was so intense that I bought two coneys--with the intention of having one and saving the other for the next day--and the first one was so amazing that I downed them both in a matter of ten minutes!  Granted, I didn't feel too hot afterward--those things sink like a brick--but it was worth it.  At least I steered clear of the "porky (smothered in coney sauce) fries" and milkshakes.  Good lord!  That would have probably put me in the hospital. :)

Okay..., they're not really called Porkies, by the way.  That's just what my family calls them.  The restaurant is actually called Roakes.  Many of you who live around the Portland area have probably heard of them.  It's really nothin' most people find special, but, believe it or not, my family is obsessed.

It all started because my grandparents went on their first date at the original Roakes in Milwaukie, Oregon.  The restaurant is in a trailer and screams 1950s.  The reason we call it "Porkies", is because, apparently, the guy who originally owned it looked like Porky Pig--I was too young to really remember him, so I couldn't say for sure.  He would stand at the window on the side of the trailer and wave.  So, to my family, they're not "Coney Dogs" or "Coney Fries", they're "Porky Dogs" and "Porky Fries".

Throughout the years, we've attempted to make the sauce ourselves.  We've had many variations, but none of them taste nearly as good as the real thing.  I always used to joke that someone in our family needs to work there so that we can get the recipe--the recipe is patented and secret (We tried to get it from the original owner when he bought the beach house behind my grandparent's house, but he'd sold the shop and was not allowed to disclose that information.).  I doubt even the workers know how to make it.  It probably comes to them in frozen, ready-to-thaw packages (that's my guess).  Every time I fly back to Connecticut to visit my mom, she has me bring her some sauce!  It's that good, folks! :)

Roake's on UrbanspoonSo, if you're ever in Milwaukie (near Oregon City) and happen to see the Roakes trailer off the side of the road, you should make a stop.  Apparently their veggie burgers are to die for as well (my sister is a vegetarian and can no longer have Porky Sauce).

Well, enough about hot dogs for now.

Caroline's theme song today is:

"From The Sea", by Josh and Mer (my favorite local Portland duo--I'm obsessed with these two)

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